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Economic Action Steps

Recovering from the economic impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic is critical for the future of Chester County. So far, the county's business community and residents have responded creatively and heroically to this crisis, and this website lists a variety of actions that businesses have taken to adjust to current circumstances. It also describes actions governments, economic development organizations, trade organizations, and others can do to support businesses during this crisis and help them pivot to a post-COVID-19 economy.

The recommendations on this website are based on research of national, state, and local best practices; interviews with local business stakeholders; a survey with 500 responses; and eleven industry focus group meetings. This work was done by 4ward Planning, an economic and real estate analysis planning firm. In addition, local leaders in economic development, workforce development, planning, and government administration have provided input, as well as TIP Strategies, a national economic development firm that prepared the county's VISTA2025 plan.

To see recommendations for specific industries, click on the industry link below.

Agriculture Healthcare Real Estate
Auto Hotels & Lodging Religious
Camps In-Home & Residential Services Restaurants & Bars
Child Care Manufacturing Retail
Construction Nonprofits Schools
Entertainment & Tourism Office Setting Sports and Recreation
Gyms and Wellness Facilities Personal Care Transportation

Please note: The business and organization sectors were broken into 21 different industry categories to provide applicable recommendations related to the pandemic and physical characteristics of properties. The business and organization sectors were grouped based on their possible needs and suitable interventions, and the industry categories are intended as a tool to assist businesses and organizations to find applicable recommendations rather than a hard differentiation. While the categorization of certain businesses is explicit (i.e. gyms in the "gyms and wellness facilities" sector), other business types may not be as easily identified (i.e. finance, information technology, life sciences, or corporate management, which are included in the "office setting" sector). Some business and organization sectors may be included in multiple industry categories, such as a nonprofit that operates in an office setting.

Economic Conditions

The economic impacts of COVID19 have not affected everyone equally. Learn more about where employment has been the most affected.

Current Business Practices

Businesses across the county have adjusted in many different ways to current conditions. Learn more about their activity.

Support of Industry

A lot has been done to support county businesses since March, 2020. This support will continue in 2021. Learn more about actions to date and potential future support.